Speaking & Training Engagements

I am available to speak at your events, seminars, retreats, and conferences.

I can speak on a variety of topics. 


Here are a sample of topics:

  1. Healing the Father Wound
  2. Shame Wounds – Grace Heals
  3. The Three Knights within a Man
  4. The Key to Leadership
  5. What Does it Take to have a Healthy Self-Esteem?
  6. The Stages of Healthy Relationship
  7. Managing the Teenage Years
  8. Distractions to Empathy
  9. How to Have Heart to Heart Conversations
  10. Healing the Mother Wound
  11. In Search of Happiness
  12. The ADHD Adult
  13. What Makes a Healthy Marriage?


Speaking Topics for Professional Assemblies

  1. Diagnosis and Treating the Narcissistic-Borderline Couple
  2. Diagnosing and Treating the Obsessive Compulsive-Histrionic Couple
  3. Diagnosing and Treating the Adult Child of Alcoholic Couple
  4. Diagnosing and Treating the Adult Child of Abuse Couple
  5. Diagnosing and Treating the Impact of Shame on an Individual, Couple, Family
  6. How to Conduct a Complete Psycho-Social History – Interview Part 1 and Part 2
  7. How to Utilize the Psycho-Social History to Develop a Comprehensive Treatment Plan
  8. The Psychology of Rue, Guilt and Shame

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