Couple Therapy

How do we know that we could benefit from couple counseling/therapy?

Many couples seek counseling when a tragic event has occurred in their lives and has shaken the foundation of their relationship.

          Other couples come to counseling when a problem has become overwhelming, either in its sheer size and/or the toll it is taking on the relationship.

          Some couples have dealt with the same concerns for many years with their resolutions ebbing and flowing till one day, either through fatigue, or the encouragement of a family member or friend, or from a personal epiphany or revelation, they decide this is the time to get help on how to change their lives.

          The following is a list of concerns that couples have come in to work on with me.  If you don’t identify with any of these, feel free to call me on the phone and, if your concerns are not in my skill set, I will help you with the appropriate referral.


Why do couples seek counseling/therapy?

  • Communication Concerns
    • Too much criticism / not enough affirmation
    • Too much negative communication
    • Too many arguments that are disrespectful, repetitive and destructive
  • Intimacy Concerns
    • Emotional distance
    • Insecurity
    • Unresolved anger
  • The breakdown of “Trust” between the couple
    • A physical affair
    • An emotional affair
    • The lack of agreed upon boundaries
  • Specific issues such as
    • Addiction
    • Parenting styles
    • In-Law disagreements
    • Blending families
    • Children’s problems

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