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James Moog

          My hope in providing therapy is to create an environment that provides physical and emotional safety for you.  As well as, a relationship in which you can feel supported, seen, affirmed, and believed.

          A foundational truth for me is this belief:  A person grows, improves, achieves, heals, and changes when they have within them a sense of belonging, a sense of worth, and a sense of competence.

          I am committed to bringing my knowledge, skills, talents, and heart into each person’s situation, to help bring about belonging, worth, and competence.


          I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a private practice in Pleasanton, California.

  • 45 minutes to the north is Napa, California
  • 45 minutes to the south is San Jose, California
  • 45 minutes to the east is Modesto, California
  • 45 minutes to the west is San Francisco, California

            My career as a Marriage & Family Therapist spans 37+ years and includes teaching, training, supervision, and psychotherapy.  I work with adults of all ages as well as couples of all stages in consultation, short- and long-term psychotherapy.


            It is my sincere belief that the naming of things rightly is not only the beginning of wisdom but of healing as well.

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