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Most of us have had or will have a moment in time when we have wondered whether counseling/therapy could be helpful to us.  Since I have been in practice for a while (38 years August 2020), I have been able to put together the reasons that many folks have sought my help.  As you read this, try to remember that the people who have walked through my door are like you and I, good, decent people living life, planning, working, paying bills, barbecuing, going to the grocery store.  Because, as the author, C.S. Lewis, has said “History isn’t just the story of bad people doing bad things. It’s quite as much a story of people trying to do good things.  But somehow, something goes wrong.”

So, whether you are simply surviving or “just getting by” or “doing ok” or “falling forward” or “just fine”, we all have a need or hidden desire to live a little happier.  Ok, a lot happier, or with wanting just a little more love, security or peace in our lives.  It is for these reasons that counseling/therapy can help us to meet these needs.

Sometimes in our life, we experience difficulties in relationships with:

  • Partners or Family Members, or Neighbors, or Co-Workers, or Our God, or Ourselves

Sometimes in our lives, we experience:

  • The desire to be in a serious relationship but having difficulty knowing just how to go about this, or feeling defeated in this stage of our lives while others seem to maneuver so easily and meet and fall in love and fulfill their dreams of relationship
  • Others of us must cope with the loss of a serious relationship, a break-up or a divorce.
  • Experiencing the death of a loved one and having to cope with the debilitating feeling of loss, sadness and pain.=
  • Experiencing unexpected mood swings, or overwhelming emotions like anxiety, depression, loss of control, guilt, or fear.
  • Some might be having troubling thoughts or find themselves withdrawing from things or people that used to bring joy, or
  • Using a substance to cope with life or perhaps wondering for quite a while about a question that has bothered them about their history, and it seems that now is the time to pursue the answers, or
  • For some of us, something “terrible” and “horrible” has happened to us in our past and sometimes it has happened in our current life.

If you are experiencing any of these events, then I want to encourage you to reach out.  No one has to live life by themselves!  No one!


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